You can now play Among Us in Dark Souls

You can now play Among Us in Dark Souls

There’s now a way to play an Among Us-style mode in the original Dark Souls, thanks to a new mod from Inferno Plus – the same modder who basically turned Dark Souls into Halo a little while back. The Dark Souls Among Us mod is available for free now, and it’s got a surprising amount of depth to it.

Inferno Plus has previously been on a journey to make Dark Souls as cursed as possible, even going so far as to completely overhaul the game’s multiplayer. Their newest mod adds a brand new multiplayer game mode to Dark Souls 1 and is available to download now for free for both the Prepare To Die and Remastered editions of the game.

This release is the 2.0.2 version of their Dark Souls: Remastest Mod and it adds a co-op social deduction mode similar to Among Us or a more team-friendly Trouble In Terrorist Town. It creates a party where three players are trying to beat the area and a buffed boss but a fourth player is trying to kill them all, and none of the good guys know who the traitor is.

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