Upgrade your gaming PC audio with 50% off HP’s Omen Blast headset

Upgrade your gaming PC audio with 50% off HP’s Omen Blast headset

It’s needless to say that PC games have never looked better, but high fidelity sound has become an important part of the experience. While audio solutions aren’t hard to come by, the best gaming headsets aren’t cheap, and it’s not always easy to balance clarity and comfort. Thankfully, HP’s Cyber Monday event includes the Omen Blast, a premium peripheral that isn’t going to punish your bank account

Over on the HP store, the Omen Blast has 51% off, bringing its price down to a pleasing $28.99. Featuring 7.1 surround sound and 24-bit USB DAC, you won’t have to spend a pretty penny to transform your PC audio. Better still, the Omen Blast also excels when it comes to audio capture, as its retractable mic is both uni-directional and boasts passive noise cancellation.

Unlike other USB headsets, the HP Omen Blast also features 3.5mm connectivity, so you won’t have to switch things up when gaming on consoles and mobile. In fact, the Omen Blast’s versatility means you could transform it into a wireless headset using a Bluetooth receiver, like the Fiio BTR3K.

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