The Visitor was the first member of The Seven we met in the Fortnite

Another confirmed member of The Seven, The Scientist had a direct hand in how Chapter 1 ended. When the Zero Point on Athena was vulnerable in Season X, The Scientist arrived to engage with the Zero Point, though his motives remain unclear. Using a complex system of rockets and rifts, The v bucks generator Scientist detonated a rocket directly onto the Zero Point, which resulted in the Black Hole that swallowed all of Athena, spitting it back out later as the renewed Apollo. It appears this drastic measure was the only viable solution to saving the exposed Zero Point, which previously rested safely deep below Loot Lake. Without his efforts, the omniverse may have ended forever–or was that actually his plan?

4. The Visitor

When The Visitor arrived, Fortnite lore changed forever.
When The Visitor arrived, Fortnite lore changed forever.

The Visitor was the first member of The Seven we met in the Fortnite storyline, way back when he crashed onto the island in a metal capsule of some sort v bucks generator embedded within a meteor in Chapter 1, Season 3. He quickly went to work and built a rocket, then launched it into the sky which led to Fortnite’s first live lore event, Blast Off, in 2018. His intentions with the rocket remain murky at best, but one theory is that he was signaling for the rest of The Seven, so they could reach Athena and possibly take it back from IO control. He later reappeared in Season X, bringing The Scientist with him, and was, until recently, regarded as the assumed leader of The Seven, but that’s a role we now know belongs to…

3. The Foundation

Do you smell what The Foundation is cookin'?
Do you smell what The Foundation is cookin’?

The Foundation is all over Fortnite lore, especially lately, and the fact that he’s voiced by Dwayne Johnson tells us Epic has big plans for this fourth confirmed member of The Seven. You’d need to have read the Batman/Fortnite: Foundation one-shot v bucks generator comic to be totally caught up with his goings-on, but here are the spark notes: The Foundation arrived during the Zero Crisis Finale in Chapter 2, Season 6, and after a brief altercation with Jonesy, decided to help fix the Zero Point in exchange for information on the whereabouts of GenĊ and The Sisters, whose identities remain secrets to this very day.

The Foundation was stuck inside the Zero Point, holding it together like Atlas, until he was blasted out of it during the alien invasion and sent flying into Gotham (yes, that Gotham) where he worked with Batman to get back to Apollo. The last we saw of him, The Foundation had made it back to Apollo and is now searching for Jonesy. He also helpfully explained his mission–to Batman of all people–saying, “I lead a group… The Seven. Our goal is to stop The Order, liberate The Zero Point, and destroy The Loop.” Why? We’re not sure yet.

2. Doctor Slone

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