The best webcams in 2021

The best webcams in 2021

Webcams have proven to be priceless portals to the outside world throughout the ongoing pandemic, enabling you to work from home while prompting more people to livestream on Twitch, YouTube, and Facebook than ever before. You can do a lot better than the built-in lens on the best gaming laptop, tablet, or smartphone, however, as a dedicated webcam captures your likeness with crystal clear clarity.

Razer, Logitech, and Avermedia pack the best webcams with up to 4K resolution, a smooth 60fps, and some even work better in the dark with low-light sensors. They’re backed by software that makes customisation easy, so you can stop that pesky autofocus from blurring your face during all-important Discord, Zoom, or Google Meet calls and tinker with the colour balance.

Nothing quite beats the quality of Sony’s dedicated DLSR cameras if you’re a content creator, but these webcams are feature-rich while keeping the price between $30 and $200. They even fit right on top of the best gaming monitor without the need for a stand. There’s something for everyone, no matter your use case.

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