The best Halo Infinite multiplayer weapons, guns, and gadgets

The best Halo Infinite multiplayer weapons, guns, and gadgets

At last, we’re getting to grips with all of the Halo Infinite guns and power weapons. While it’s still some time until we’ll be able to slay aliens when the Halo Infinite campaign release date rolls around, we’ve been playing a lot of multiplayer over the past few days.

If you’re a fan of the series, plenty of these weapons will be familiar to you. Of course, you have your assault rifles, battle rifles, and pistols – mainstays that Halo wouldn’t be the same without, but there are some new tools of destruction you can find scattered around the ten maps available at launch.

We’ve got to grips with all of the guns and feel confident in our definitive list of the best Halo Infinite weapons and guns you can find. We’ll also spend some time analysing the grenades and new gadgets, like the grappling gun, thrusters, and the ‘drop wall’. Knowing all about these weapons makes all the difference when rising through the Halo Infinite ranks.

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