The best Genshin Impact Gorou build

The best Genshin Impact Gorou build

Want to know what the best Genshin Impact Gorou build is? The new Genshin Impact character Gorou is unique, and it’s not just because he’s a Geo bow user. Any damage done with his skills uses his defence stat, but for the best build, it’s not worth raising his defence to astronomical degrees to make him more DPS-focused. Instead, he’s best suited to supporting other Geo users. Why specifically Geo? It’s all because of his elemental skills.

Gorou’s skills become more potent the more Geo users there are on your team. You only get the full benefits if you have three Geo users and one character of another element. It makes him fantastic at supporting the best Genshin Impact Itto build to ensure it deals the maximum damage possible. His skills also work well with the best Genshin Impact Albedo build since Albedo’s abilities synergise with Gorou’s nicely. Your final team member should be someone who can take advantage of the Crystalise Genshin Impact elemental reaction.

Here, you will find the best Gorou build, including which weapon and artifacts you should give him, why you should unlock his fourth constellation, and what role he plays as a support in your team.

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