Stellaris cheats – a guide to console commands

Stellaris cheats – a guide to console commands

So, you want to know about Stellaris console commands and cheats? Just like you want to know about Victoria 2 cheats, EU4 cheats, and even Hearts of Iron 4 cheats, we imagine? It’s ok, you’re among friends here – we won’t judge.

As of the Nemesis expansion, Stellaris is in a pretty good place right now. Not perfect, but there’s plenty of meaningful content across most phases. But like all grand strategy games, the desire to have that perfect run is strong. While some of the best stories come from rolling with the punches, when you’re the hero of your own tale you sometimes want things to happen in a specific way..

That’s where cheats come in. Stellaris has a console command feature that’s common with many strategy games where you can input commands to achieve instant results. Sometimes this can be literal cheating, like giving yourself more resources or just hand-waving away a pesky rival, but there are plenty of debug commands and options to create nice visuals, like by removing the UI. We’ve compiled a guide to the essential commands to give you a smooth game.

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