Six strategy games like Civilization

Six strategy games like Civilization

So you want more games like Civilization? As the undisputed king of 4X games (for now), there are many who’ve tried to copy what Sid Meier created, and plenty who want to play a Civ-like experience that wasn’t created by Firaxis.

Civilization games offer a unique vision of turn-based strategy where you start from humble origins, and lead a people through the ages, founding more cities, enriching your empire with cultural or technological advancements, and quite often, fighting other civilisations. It’s not a strict historical strategy game, more of an historically-inspired sandbox, and few other games have attempted to offer the breadth that Civilization has.

While we have a dedicated list of great 4X games in general (which Civilization is on), some of you may be interested in looking for something that more closely resembles Firaxis’ popular series. We decided to spin-off a separate list of games like Civilization, but we’ve dug up some very specific examples for this one, so don’t worry about there being too much overlap. Enjoy!

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