Seven amazing indie PC games you can’t miss in December

Seven amazing indie PC games you can’t miss in December

It’s over! Peak is finally over (not now, Halo Infinite), the hype train has reached the end of the line, and its passengers are disembarking and making their way home. We like to think of ourselves as the complimentary newspaper that’s tucked under their arms, loaded with gaming news, long reads, and indie treats that they can return to at a moment’s notice.

While the triple-A calendar is now looking pretty sparse up until February (when things suddenly get very busy again), there’s no relenting for the indie release schedule, and December’s bounty is as good as it’s been all year round. We’ve got organ-trading strategy games, John Wick-inspired deck builders, co-op games about surviving in space, biopunk FPS games, autumnal adventure games, turn-based RPG games with mechs, and plenty more.

So, whether you’re looking for a few new games to see you through the dark winter nights, or you’ve got some free time on your hands with the holiday season right around the corner, this list should keep your Steam library fully stocked.

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