Nvidia RTXGI ‘Infinite Scrolling Volumes’ feature makes its debut in Icarus

Nvidia RTXGI ‘Infinite Scrolling Volumes’ feature makes its debut in Icarus

We’re less than a month away from the Icarus release date, and developer RocketWerkz has recently revealed that the game supports a couple of Nvidia technologies that should help boost fps and enhance its visuals. Icarus will feature Nvidia DLSS and Nvidia RTXGI (ray traced global illumation), with a new ‘Infinite Scrolling Volumes’ feature which should greatly enhance the lighting of the game’s open world.

While Icarus isn’t the first game or open world title to support ray traced global illumination, with Metro Exodus using the technology as early as 2019, RocketWerkz claims that the new Infinite Scrolling Volumes feature should make its implementation a cut above previous examples.

In a news post on the game’s Steam page, Icarus developer Shammgod explains that the new feature explains that the new feature “uses ray tracing to constantly update the Global Illumination lighting volume around the player as they move through Icarus’ world. This effectively provides an “infinite” volume of global illumination for the player without needing a huge amount of memory to store an infinite number of lighting probes.”

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