Icarus building guide – the basics of construction

Icarus building guide – the basics of construction

Want to learn the basics of building in Icarus? Base building is one of the core tenets of a survival game, and the creators of Icarus have taken that to heart. RocketWerkz’s new multiplayer survival game offers several different types of construction materials, each with varying levels of utility and aesthetic appeal.

By design, players must build new bases each time they enter a prospect, these bases house workbenches and supplies, but must also withstand environmental threats. These include wild animals and severe weather, such as thunderstorms that can quickly set your base on fire and high-speed winds that can wipe out your base completely.

As players progress through the game, they unlock new construction materials and building pieces. In order to build specific pieces, a player must reach a certain level and then use a skill point to unlock a construction type. If you’re new to Icarus or just want to build a base that won’t break down at the first sign of a heavy gust of wind, here’s what you need to know about construction.

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