Get 4TB of Sandisk SSD SATA III storage for $299.99

SSD storage is something my computer seems to run out of faster than anything. I think I can get away with a smaller one, just install my favourite games on there and any rendering projects, and everything else will be ok. Next minute games are releasing with required installs over 100 GB and my computer is about ready to explode.

If you’re anything like me, you’d be kicking yourself for being so frugal when you can currently grab 4TB worth of extra SSD SATA III storage for $299.99. This SanDisk Ultra 3D internal SSD is $350 off right now, if you go by Adorama's listing price of $649.99. We've seen these at around $369.99, but also much higher, so this is still a very nice chunk of reliable fast memory at a good price. 

Plus SATA is completely forward and backwards compatible, so even if your machine isn’t ready for the upgrade it still might be useful. Double plus, upgrading from a HD to an SSD is our top recommended change you can make to improve your PC.

SanDisk | Ultra 3D | 4TB | SATA III | 2.5″ | Internal Solid State Drive| $649.99 $299.99 at adorama (save $350.00)
This is a lot of good quality, super quick storage at a good price. Games just run so much better on an SSD, in fact basically everything does. If you’re building a new rig or just looking to make improvements over your old one, a little bit more storage never hurts, especially at this price.

Smaller size variants of this drive are also on sale. You can choose which to have a look at under the product listing on the website. You can get a 1TB for $70 off at $89.99, for instance. However, the 4TB is the most expensive and thus gets the biggest discount. It’s easily the most impressive when it comes to value on the list. 

With all the gaming deals around this Black Friday, throwing in some storage to go with it is a smart idea. Getting great bargains on games is one thing, but being able to actually install and play them is another.

If you’re putting together a PC, we have deals on all sorts of components to help you save big during the biggest sale in the world. If this isn’t the storage solution you’ve been dreaming of, check out the other SSDs for cheap we’ve catalogued.

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