Get $160 off this massaging gaming chair that looks like Santa’s elves got drunk in the RGB closet

By now, I thought I'd seen all the pleather-skinned world of gaming chairs had to offer. In search for the best Cyber Monday gaming chair deals I've seen reclining chairs, chairs with footrests, and chairs with weird massage pillows, but this discounted $210 Goplus gaming chair has all of that… and also lights up. It might be the ugliest chair I've ever seen, but I bet my little cousin would love to find it crammed disruptively under the tree this year.

With the LEDs off, the Goplus looks like any other of Walmart's seemingly thousands of gaming chairs on offer. It has basic features like adjustable armrests and a back that reclines all the way. It seems to be of cheaper build quality than our favorite gaming chairs, but where the Goplus 'shines' is with its completely unnecessary bells and whistles. The footrest is a nice bonus, as is the lumbar “massage” pillow that will vibrate at the flip of a switch. The RGB lighting is what actually sets this chair apart and why it's a little more expensive than similar gamer thrones at Walmart.

Even speaking as someone with a rainbow RGB keyboard and PC case, the lighting around the Goplus chair's trim is a lot. It's surprisingly bright, which may be exactly what you're looking for, but I reckon it would get distracting if you livestream with a facecam or have regular video meetings with corporate.

Goplus Gaming Chair | 330lb max | LED Lighting | Massage lumbar pillow | 4D armrests | $3,69.99 $209.99 at Walmart (save $160)
Let’s be clear: This chair looks absolutely ridiculous, and like a lot of cheap gaming chairs it’s probably not built to last. Its LED lighting is almost surely tacky as hell. But if you live for that over-the-top RGB life, by god, this is the glowy chair for you.

It comes with a remote that controls the pattern and colors, so that's kinda neat, but it also needs to be plugged into a wall or power bank to operate (same for the massage pillow). A freely-rolling chair tethered to a wall by wires sounds like a recipe for disaster. The Goplus also comes in blue and black/white, but for some reason those colors are both more expensive at the moment.

For a less audacious, similarly-priced chair that ditches PU leather and will probably last a lot longer than this mess of RGBs, consider the Corsair T3 Rush. It's a bit more expensive, but it is on sale for $50 off right now.

Corsair T3 Rush | 265 lbs max | 4D armrests | $299.99 $249.99 at Amazon (save $50)
Okay, you’re done with the faux leather aesthetic, and are after a more chill fabric look for your new gaming chair. But damn, those softweave seats are expensive, so here’s Corsair with a fabric chair in a cool grey look to support your gaming funtimes.

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