Cyber Monday gaming laptop deals: great discounts on the latest laptops are still available

Cyber Monday laptop deals

There have been some great Cyber Monday gaming laptop deals this year, but we're moving beyond that into the third, and maybe final, form of this buying season. Forget Black Friday, move over Cyber Monday, it's Cyber Week. That's a thing, apparently. Though it's not so nightmarish as it may seem for us PC lot, as it just means there's still a chance to pay a little less for a gaming laptop.

In these silicon starved times, we'll take what we can get, especially at a discount. Gaming laptop sales haven't seemed to have been as affected by the wider issues around graphics card supply, though, and you can actually find many gaming laptop deals with RTX 30-series and RDNA 2 GPUs in them for a good price during Cyber Week. Naturally there are gaming laptops lurking in the back of the warehouse, waiting to tempt us further. We've just got to find them.

Luckily for you, the PC Gamer staff are like truffle pigs for PC parts, sniffing them out wherever they may be hiding. And we know just what to look for, too. Ideally a current-gen GPU, for one—one of Nvidia's RTX 30-series will have the chops to take on most modern games. Even some older models with RTX 20-series are still kicking around, though we don't recommend paying over the odds for one when something better is about for less. 

You'll also want to consider newer CPUs, many of which come with greater core counts than the usual four-core lot. That said, if you're being presented with the choice of a last-gen CPU paired with a current-gen GPU, it's not the end of the world—it'll still see you right, and the GPU is more important for most games, anywho.

Below are all the best gaming laptop deals we've found so far. And we'll continue to update this page throughout Cyber Week too, adding the best deals and removing deals that have expired.

Where are the best Cyber Monday gaming laptop deals?

Cyber Monday gaming laptop deals in the US

 Dummy | -inch | Intel Core i | Nvidia RTX  | p | Hz | GB RAM | GB SSD | $ $ after at — (save $)
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HP Omen 17t-ck000 | 17.3-inch | 1080p | 144Hz | RTX 3070 | 16GB RAM | | Intel Core i7 11800H | 512GB SSD| $1,699.99 $1,499.99 at HP
This 17.3-inch Omen laptop is a great way to get an RTX 3070 and an 144Hz panel all in one unit. Its price competes with similar laptops on sale right now, making it one of the better options that also includes a bit of customization if you’re so inclined.

Dell G15 | 15.6-inch | Intel Core i5 10500H | Nvidia RTX 3050 Ti | 1080p | 120Hz | 8GB RAM | 512GB NVMe SSD | $1218.99 $749.99 at Dell (save $496)
This gaming laptop gets you good mid-tier specs at a fair discount. The 8GB of RAM may not be quite as much as we usually recommend, but getting an RTX 3050 Ti and half a gig of NVMe storage space isn’t a bad get. This build should keep you gaming on the go for several years.

Asus ROG Zephyrus G14 | 14-inch | Ryzen 9 5900HS | RTX 3060 | 1080p | 144Hz | 16GB RAM | 1TB SSD | $1,549.99 $1,349.99 at Best Buy (save $200)
The Zephyrus G14 is one of our favorite gaming laptops, and has been since it first arrived. That smaller, 14-inch form factor makes it more portable, and the RTX 3060 is the perfect match for the restricted cooling of the diminutive chassis. And that AMD Ryzen 5900HS CPU is as powerful a mobile chip as you will find today. It’s a great machine at full price, and well worth your time with this hefty a discount in place. 

Razer Blade 15 Advanced | Nvidia RTX 3070 | Intel Core i7 10875H | 360Hz 1080p | 16GB RAM | 1TB SSD | $2,599.99 $1,799.99 at Microsoft (save $800)
That’s a colossal saving on a prime slice of gaming real estate, packing quality hardware from Intel and Nvidia to make sure it demolishes your games. The RTX 3070 is a great option for this thin and light chassis, as it’ll knock out killer frame rates and make the most of the 360Hz display for a buttery-smooth experience too. A great saving on a great laptop.

Gigabyte A5 X1 | 15.6-inch | Ryzen 9 5900HX | RTX 3070 | 1080p | 240Hz | 16GB RAM | 512GB SSD | $1,799 $1,599 at Newegg (save $200)
This is another one of the cheapest RTX 3070-based machines we’ve found so far, and the rest of the package makes it one of the finest, too. The AMD CPU is an eight-core stunner and the 240Hz screen is a pro-move as well. Our only issue is the slightly miserly 512GB SSD.

Gigabyte Aero 15 | Nvidia RTX 3080 | Intel Core i7 11800H | 15.6-inch | 4K AMOLED | 16GB RAM | 1TB SSD | $2,199 $1,899 at Newegg after rebate (save $1,100)
This beauty may only come with a 60Hz screen but it’s 4K and AMOLED (even better than OLED). That GPU will spit up mega frame rates, even at such ultra-high resolution, too. And paired with a powerful 11th Gen Intel CPU, plenty of RAM, and masses of storage, it’s great value even before the rebate.

Gigabyte Aero 17 HDR YD | Nvidia RTX 3080 | Intel Core i9 11980HK | 32GB RAM | 1TB + 512GB SSD | 4K IPS | $3,649.99 $2,749.99 at Newegg after rebate (save $900)
This is worth making the most of considering it’s a machine with an RTX 3080 and 11th Gen Core i9 chip. That’s topped with a gorgeous 4K IPS screen and boatloads of RAM—so great for multitasking any high-res antics. Plus lots of space to store all your games, and their high fidelity textures. This really is a steal for under $3,000.

Gigabyte Aorus 15P YD | Nvidia RTX 3080 | Intel Core i7 11800H | 32GB RAM | 1TB SSD | $2,399 $1,949 at Newegg (save $450)
No immense 4K screen here, only 1080p, but who needs super high resolution when you can have speed? This RTX 3080 and Intel 11th Gen lappy is topped with a 300Hz panel and more ram than you could shake a… stick at. Right now, at under $2K, its worth a look.

MSI GP66 Leopard | Nvidia RTX 3080 | Intel Core i7 11800H | 16GB RAM | 1TB SSD | $2,299 $1,799 after rebate at Newegg (save $500)
For a laptop with an RTX 3080 and 11th Gen Intel CPU, this is a pretty good get. Not only do you get a smashing 240Hz screen to cater for the sky-high framerates it’ll be pumping out, you also get a good amount of storage, too.

Alienware m15 R6 | Nvidia RTX 3080 | Intel Core i7 11800H  | 15.6-inch | 1080p | 2TB SSD | 32GB RAM | $2,859.99 $2,508.79 at Dell (save $351.20)
With an RTX 3080, and an 11th Gen Intel core i7 11800H you’ll be flying through those frame rates with the gaming laptop. And it’s topped with a super speedy 360Hz panel, with 1ms response and Nvidia G-Sync for a competitive edge, along with boatloads of RAM and 2TB of M.2 PCIe storage to keep it all chugging along nicely.

Razer Blade 14 | RTX 3070 | Ryzen 9 5900HX | 1440p | 1TB SSD | 16GB RAM | $2,199.99 $2,000.99 at Microsoft (save $199)
Listed as the ‘most desirable compact gaming laptop‘ in our guide, the Razer Blade 14 is a juicy gaming companion in any configuration. This one combines an AMD CPU and Nvidia GPU to take on todays top games even at 1440p, that’s with a tasty 165Hz refresh rate, too.

MSI GF65 Thin | Nvidia RTX 3060 | Intel Core i7 10750H | 15.6-inch | 1080p | 144Hz | 16GB RAM | 512GB NVMe SSD | $1,299 $1,049 after $100 rebate at Newegg (save $200)
A decent CPU combined with an RTX 3060 for just over a grand, you can’t go wrong really. With a nippy 144Hz monitor, and 16GB of ram keeping it chugging along, you can bet it’ll see you right for most gaming as it’s been one of our favourites for a while. Plus, it’s eligible for Black Friday Price protection.

Alienware m15 R5 | 15.6-inch | AMD Ryzen 7 5800H | Nvidia RTX 3060 | 165Hz | 16GB RAM | 512GB SSD | $2,159 $1,199 at Dell (save $530)
This laptop comes with an RTX 3060, which as you may know is a ticket to some high fidelity gaming, courtesy of the Ampere architecture. It’s not as quick as say the RTX 3070 or RTX 3080, but it can manage DLSS and offers plenty of performance at 1080p. That’s a good thing as this laptop offers a 1080p panel running at 165Hz, which that GPU should use up nicely. One thing to note is the 512GB SSD is a little slim, but that could be in line for an upgrade.

ASUS ROG Strix G15 | 15.6-inch | AMD Ryzen 7 4800H | Nvidia RTX 3060 | 1080p | 300Hz | 16GB RAM | 512GB NVMe SSD | $1,299 $1,249 at Newegg (save $50)
Not the biggest discount in the world, but this is a pretty great laptop that’s in stock. A 3060 should do nicely on most games you throw at it and it’ll pair well with the good Ryzen CPU. If you don’t mind the hard-edged gamer aesthetics of ASUS laptops, take a look.

Gigabyte G5 KC | Nvidia RTX 3060 | Intel Core i5 10500H | 15.6-inch | 1080p | 144Hz | 16GB RAM | 512GB SSD | $1,199 $999 after at Newegg (save $200)
We love an RTX 3060 gaming laptop with a discount, and for under $1,000, this is almost as good as it gets. That GPU and CPU combo will make for great 1080p, high-refresh gaming, and while there’s not a huge amount of storage, those can be easily upgraded. As can the battery, and you can even add in a HDD if you so fancy.

MSI Pulse GL66 | Nvidia RTX 3050 Ti | Intel Core i7 11800H | 15.6-inch | 1080p | 144Hz | 16GB RAM | 1TB HDD + 512GB SSD | $1,299 $999 after $100 rebate at Newegg (save $300)
A laptop with a great CPU and a current-gen GPU for under a grand is not to be taken lightly. It’s a step-down in terms of GPU to some of the other laptops on offer here, which isn’t ideal if you’re purely gaming on this machine, though it comes with far more storage space, more RAM, and a better eight-core CPU for more editing and productivity smarts. So between this and the Dell above it comes down to what else you want to do with your machine.

Dell G15 | Nvidia RTX 3050 | Intel Core i5 11400H | 15.6-inch | 1080p | 120Hz | 8GB RAM | 256GB | $1,068.99 $649.99 at Dell (save $419)
I wouldn’t recommend this laptop at its MSRP, but seeing as it’s currently on sale under $700, it’s actually not a bad way to get yourself gaming at 1080p and reasonably high settings. The RTX 3050 isn’t massively powerful, though it is enough so to deliver decent frame rates in modern games. Plus it support DLSS, which will really help you hit that 120Hz refresh in supported games. There’s definitely some potential upgrades you could do to make this better, such as the SSD and the RAM, but it’s not a bad starting point. That CPU is actually really good, too.

Gigabyte G5 | Nvidia RTX 3050 | Intel Core i5 11400H | 15.6-inch | 1080p | 144Hz | 16GB RAM | 512GB SSD | $1,199 $849 at Newegg after rebate (save $350)
This is a little less powerful than the laptops above in terms of graphics, but there’s a solid laptop at a very decent price, nonetheless. The Gigabyte G5 is a good way to take your Steam library on the road if you’re looking for something a little more practical than, say, a Steam Deck. And don’t forget the $100 rebate!

Dell G15 | RTX 3050 Ti | Core i5 11400H | 15.6-inch | 1080p | 120Hz | 8GB RAM | 512GB SSD | $1,218.99 $783.99 at Dell (save $435)
Yet another G15 deal, but this really is quite special coming in at under $800. We’ve not spent much time with the RTX 3050 Ti, but it essentially offers RTX 2060-level gaming performance and that sort of laptop cost $1,000+ just six months ago. You get a six-core, 12-thread CPU, and hat’s also a chunky SSD for a gaming laptop at this price, too.

Dell G15 | 15.6-inch | Intel Core i7 11800H | Nvidia RTX 3060 | 1080p | 165Hz | 16GB RAM | 1TB SSD | $1,518.99 $1,273.99 at Dell (save $395)
If you want a really well-rounded RTX 3060 gaming laptop, this Dell G15 is the way to go. It’s well prepared with 16GB of RAM, an eight-core CPU, and it comes in a great chassis we like at this price. Plus that 165Hz refresh will keep your games running silky smooth.

Our magic price searching bots are all over the web, tracking down the best prices all the time. That means this list will be regularly curated multiple times each day

Cyber Monday office laptop deals in the US

Dell XPS 13 laptop | 13-inch |Intel Core i5 1135G7 | Integrated Intel Xe Graphics | 1080p | 8GB RAM | 256GB SSD | $949.99 $649.99 at Dell (save $300)
This XPS 13 is one of the most portable and bag-friendly Windows laptops around. It folds down to an incredibly slim size, though maintains a high level of durability and quality. We’ve used these laptops plenty, and we really rate them. This one is pretty much as entry-level as it gets, but it’s a decent price for a very well-made laptop that would be great for school. 

ASUS VivoBook SB55 | i5 1135G7 | 1080p | 512GB SSD | 8GB RAM | $689.99 $499.99 at Staples (save $190)
With an 11th gen Intel processor, this thin, light lappy is bound to see you right at this price. It doesn’t have the mega core-count of some chips, but Hyper-Threading means performance is practically doubled from previous generations. It can also boost up to 4.9 GHz from 2.4 GHz if your workload depends on it.

ThinkBook 15 Gen 3 AMD | 15-inch | AMD Ryzen 5 5500U | Integrated AMD Radeon Graphics | 1080p | 8GB RAM | 512GB SSD | $1,129 $733.85 at Lenovo (save $395.15)
If you want a portable machine for remote access to your documents in the cloud, this ThinkBook offers a decent processor at a good price. It doesn’t offer particularly beefy specs, and you definitely won’t be able to game on this one, but it offers enough for a lightweight and backpack-friendly work or school laptop. Just bear in mind this laptop was a touch cheaper earlier in the week, and so may drop in price again.

ThinkPad L14 Gen 2 Intel | 14-inch | Intel Core i7 1165G7 | Integrated Intel Xe graphics | 1080p | 16GB RAM | 1TB SSD | $2,369 $1,160.81 at Lenovo (save $1,184.50)
Lenovo may have been a little generous with its reported saving on this one, but nonetheless, this laptop comes with a great processor backing it up: Intel’s Core i7 1165G7. This chip is fast and quick, and comes with the top Intel Xe graphics that we’ve tested out ourselves in gaming. Combine that with great storage and RAM capacity, and you’re looking at a do-it-all productivity pad. 

Our magic price searching bots are all over the web, tracking down the best prices all the time. That means this list will be regularly curated multiple times each day

Cyber Monday gaming laptop deals in the UK

Asus ROG Flow X13 | 13.4-inch | Ryzen 9 5980HS | GTX 1650 + RTX 3080 Dock | 32GB RAM | 1TB SSD | £2,999.97 £2,399.97 at Box (save £600)
Asus’ X13 is one ultra desirable bit of kit, mixing the portability of a 13-inch touchscreen notebook with the gaming power of an external RTX 3080 GPU. Mix in 32GB RAM, a 1TB SSD, and AMD’s might octa-core Ryzen 9 CPU, you have a notebook for all occasions. And one with a hefty discount, too.

Alienware M15 R6 | Intel Core i7 11800H | Nvidia RTX 3080 | 16GB RAM | 1TB SSD | £2,449 £1,999 at Dell UK (save £450)
This is one of the few RTX 3080 laptops I’ve seen under £2,000 so far, and it’s a good mix of specs for high-end gaming. That includes a 360Hz 1080p display, which will really make the most of Nvidia’s top mobile GPU in most games.

MSI Katana GF66 | 15.6-inch | Intel Core i7 11800H | Nvidia RTX 3070 | 16GB RAM | 512GB SSD | £1,399.99 £1,229.95 at Overclockers (save £170)
This is an impressive spec for the money; any time you can bag an RTX 3070-powered gaming laptop for under £1,250 you’re doing well. Throw in a high-refresh rate panel, a full 16GB of memory and a relatively generous 512GB SSD and this is a system that will last you years.

Razer Blade 15 | 15.6-inch | Nvidia RTX 3060 | Intel Core i7 10750H | 16GB  RAM | 512GB SSD | £1,599.97 £1,299.97 at Box (save £300)
This is far from the cheapest RTX 3060-powered gaming laptop on this list, but I wanted to point it out as it’s a Razer Blade 15, our favourite gaming laptop and an incredibly popular design, too. The specs could be a little more generous in terms of storage space, but at least you’ve got a great processor beneath the hood working alongside that capable Ampere GPU. And all inside Razer’s lovely chassis. 

Victus by HP 16 | 16.1-inch | Nvidia RTX 3060 | AMD Ryzen 7 5800H | 16GB RAM | 512GB SSD | £1,149.97 £949.97 at Box (save £200)
While familiar in specs, the HP Victus has a unique style and screen size, despite maintaining a smaller chassis. It’s generally pretty smart, too, and that specs list offers a heady mix of GPU and CPU grunt with the right amount of RAM for us gamers.

Asus TUF Dash F15 | 15.6-inch | Intel Core i7 11370H | Nvidia RTX 3060 | 8GB RAM | 512GB SSD | £1,099 £899 at Very (save £200)
Sporting Intel’s 11th Gen ultraportable gaming CPU, the Dash F15 pairs a decent processor with a very good gaming GPU, and all for an affordable price. With a 144Hz screen and speedy SSD, this is a great sub-£1,000 gaming laptop.

Asus TUF Gaming F15 FX506 | 15.6-inch | Nvidia RTX 3050 | Intel Core i5 11400H | 8GB RAM | 512GB SSD | £879 £699.99 at Ebuyer (save £180)
Fitted with an Ampere generation GPU, this laptop is able to offer the benefits of an RTX 30-series card, such as DLSS, on a tighter budget. One way it’s hit that is by slimming the RAM down to 8GB, though this can be upgraded after the fact. The 512GB SSD is plenty big enough for a handful of games with your OS too.

HP Omen 15 | 15.6-inch | Nvidia RTX 3070 | AMD Ryzen 7 5800H | 16GB RAM | 512GB SSD | £1,499.97 £1,399.97 at Box (save £100)
This Cyber Monday there are some decent RTX 3070 gaming laptops around with impressive discounts on them if you look hard enough. This HP Omen machine pairs Nvidia’s powerful GPU with AMD’s excellent Ryzen 7 5800H eight-core, 16-thread CPU, and comes in under £1,400. The 165Hz 1080p screen is another bright spot in this quality notebook.

Cyber Monday office laptop deals in the UK

Apple MacBook Air | 13-inch | M1 SoC | 8-core CPU | 7-core GPU | 16GB RAM | 512GB SSD | £1,529 £1,399 at Very (save £200)
Look, oranges aren’t the only fruit, and nor is x86 the only processor design worth a damn. Love them or hate them, Apple has created a fantastic slice of silicon with the M1 chip and it makes for an outstanding productivity notebook, even in this slight MacBook Air form factor. It’s pretty rubbish for gaming though.

What should I look out for in a Cyber Monday gaming laptop deal?

The best Cyber Monday gaming laptop deals will deliver high-performance hardware for a knockdown price, or at the very least not come with an overly inflated price tag. 

But it doesn’t automatically scan that just because something has a three-figure discount that it will be worth the money. You need to keep an eye on what parts are being used, what else you get for your cash, and whether it’s actually right for you.

Things are tough for PC gaming hardware, as it stands today. But companies are still aiming to shift stock so expect some discounts on current-gen kit. Don’t be fooled into parting with money for anything beyond the last generation of GPUs, however. It’s unlikely there’ll be a laptop with an Nvidia 10-series graphics card inside it that’s worth buying this Cyber Monday, unless you can find a wonderfully cheap deal.

Keep an eye out for storage, and memory size too. That’s most true at the low end of the market, where manufacturers may aim to keep prices low by using single sticks of memory and therefore halving the potential memory bandwidth. That might not be a problem in the very cheapest of gaming laptops, however, where the GPU will make the most difference to your experience.

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