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Cyber Monday gaming keyboard and mouse deals 2021: the right touch

Cyber Monday mouse and keyboard deals Jump straight to the deals you want… 1. US keyboard deals 2. US mouse deals 3. UK keyboard deals 4. UK mouse deals Cyber Monday is closing out the November deals season with a bang—and with some tasty discounts on gaming keyboards and gaming mice. Indeed, it's a good […]

This RTX 3060 Ti gaming PC can be yours for just $1,169 this Cyber Monday

HP produced one of the most affordable ways of getting an Nvidia GeForce RTX 3060 this Black Friday and Cyber Monday, with its Pavilion TG01-2170m gaming PCs. The pricing has shifted around a bit, but for a long time, it was the cheapest way of getting a GPU that will handle 1080p gaming maxed out […]

Sea of Thieves will now let you bury your booty

Rare dropped a preview video today outlining new features coming to their co-op pirate simulator later this week. Sea of Thieves now offers that most primal of pirate fantasies: burying your own treasure, complete with an auto-generated map to find it. The system ties in handily with multiplayer, letting you share your treasure maps via […]

Vampire: The Masquerade – Swansong delayed to ensure ‘a healthy work-life balance’ for devs

Vampire: The Masquerade – Swansong, the in-development tale of politics, intrigue, and blood that is not Bloodlines 2, has been delayed again. Following a postponement earlier this year that saw it moved to February 2022, developer Big Bad Wolf has announced that it needs a little more time, and has pushed it to May. “This […]

New speedrun technique brings the Skyrim glitchless world record under 73 minutes

Skyrim is a big game, but speedrunners have been making it look small for years, and it seems there’s still more to discover. Skyrim speedrunners have figured out a new technique that’s managed to shave a full minute off of the glitchless main story quest run, and it’s bringing new life to a category whose […]

Our favourite 1080p gaming projector is $100 off on Amazon right now

There are a lot of outstanding Cyber Monday PC gaming deals to pick from right now, including this BenQ X1300i projector. It's our pick for the best long throw projector you can attach to your PC. One of our only complaints was the price: As we said in our June 2021 review, it's not the […]

Best Cyber Monday PC gaming deals: RTX desktops and laptops under $1000 and much more

Cyber Monday deals Jump straight to the deals you want… 1. Top deals 2. Gaming PC deals 3. Gaming laptop deals 4. Office laptop deals 5. Gaming monitor deals 6. TV deals 7. NVMe SSD deals 8. SATA SSD deals 9. External SSD deals 10. Gaming chair deals 11. Mic and streaming deals 12. Gaming […]

Cyber Monday 2021 in Australia: here are all the bargains that are still available

Early Cyber Monday deals Jump straight to the deals you want… 1. Gaming Laptop deals 2. Gaming Monitor deals 3. Storage deals 4. Gaming Chair deals 5. Gaming Mice deals 6. Gaming Keyboard deals 7. Gaming Headset deals 8. Graphics Card deals Black Friday 2021 ended up being utterly massive: while the official day was […]

Save $200 on this RTX 3070 HP Omen gaming laptop this Cyber Monday

HP has slashed the price of its RTX 3070 gaming laptop to compete with all the other laptop deals this Cyber Monday. The 17t-ck000 (rolls off the tongue) is on sale for $1,499.99 right now. The 1080p, 144Hz laptop comes with a standard set of components that you can upgrade if you want to spend […]

RGB LED light strip deals – Philips Hue, Govee, Nanoleaf, and Yeelight on sale

Nowadays, it’s not just your gaming PC that benefits from a splash of RGB lighting, but your entire room. The only problem is that it often costs a fortune to decorate your setup like your favourite streamer’s, with light strips, panels, and bulbs coming with a premium price tag. Fortunately, you’re browsing Cyber Monday deals, […]