Best Cyber Monday deals on gaming RAM

Best Cyber Monday deals on gaming RAM

Cyber Monday¬†2021 is here, so why not pick up some new sticks of RAM? There aren’t as many specifications to fuss over when picking out RAM deals compared to something like best gaming monitor, but your gaming PC won’t get very far without a stick or four of good quality memory. In case you’re new to all this PC gaming lark, RAM is your system’s short-term memory, and you’ll likely need at least 8GB of it in your system to run most modern games well.

While 8GB is the minimum we recommend for any gaming system, moving up to 16GB can help improve performance further, especially if you aim to run your games alongside a few Chrome tabs and Discord. Then there’s the clock speed, which isn’t too impactful on your game. The safest bet is to go for a 3,000MHz clock speed setup as a minimum.

Oh, and don’t forget, there’s a vital choice to be made when it comes to RGB lighting on your RAM. It seems like a ludicrous and unnecessary addition, but there’s no quicker way to tell if you’ve properly clicked in your sticks than by an assault of flashing colours. Whatever your needs, you can rest assured that we’ve collected all the best¬†Cyber Monday deals on gaming RAM right here.

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