Aliens: Fireteam Elite Season 2 begins in two weeks

Aliens: Fireteam Elite Season 2 begins in two weeks

It’s time for another bug hunt: season two of Aliens: Fireteam Elite will begin in December, and the update will include a raft of free content for the sci-fi co-op game. All colonial marines will see free content in the form of a new game mode, new weapons, new challenge cards, and plenty more when the season kicks off December 14.

Season two in Fireteam Elite is called Point Defence, which coincidentally is the name of the new game mode arriving with the update. Point defence is a variation on horde mode, where you and your team will have to defend three key locations during several waves of enemy attack. As these points take damage, you’ll need to repair them as well, which means someone may have to be fixing things instead of shooting at any given moment as hissing hordes of xenomorphs descend on the area.

As you play Point Defense, you’ll earn fabrication points that can be used to buy consumables that temporarily buff you and your team. The mode also offers 20 rewards to unlock through playing it at different difficulty levels.

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